Web Resources for Violence Prevention, Safe and Drug Free Schools, and Civil Rights


Federal Legislation and Initiatives –http://www.ncbe.gwu.edu/pathways/safeschools/federal.htm Legislation pertaining to safe and drug free schools with links to programs, resources, and funding opportunities.

Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Preventionhttp://ojjdp.ncjrs.org  -- leadership and resources to prevent and respond to juvenile delinquency (programs, resources, and funding).

Funding Opportunities Office of Justice Programshttp://wwwojp.usdoj.gov/fundopps.htm -- funding information on justice programs including juvenile justice

Violence Preventionhttp://ncbe.gwu.edu/pathways/safeschools/programs.htm information on programs, publications, and organizations for violence prevention

Center for the Study and Prevention of Violencehttp://www.colorado.edu/cspv  - literature, resources and assistance for developing violence prevention programs

U.S. Department of Educationhttp://www.ed.gov/pubs/AnnSchoolRept98/bullying.html -- model programs with contact information

Program List: Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities http://www.unf.edu/dept/fie/sdfs/program_inventory/PB.html -- intervention program links and contact information

Program List: Violence Prevention
http://www.unf.edu/dept/fie/sdfs/program_inventory/VP.html  -- comprehensive program listing for violence prevention pre-school through adult – links to description and contact information

Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities Act – Programs http://www.unf.edu/dept/fie/sdfs/program_inventory/ effective programs for safe schools

Creative Partnership for Preventionhttp://www.cpprev.org/contents.htm -- ideas and resources for violence prevention using the arts and humanities: resource guide, existing program profiles, ideas for building programs, and other resources.

National Resource Center for Safe Schoolshttp://www.nwrel.org/safe/ -- works with schools, agencies to prevent school violence. This site contains a database of effective practices.

Partnership Against Violence Networkhttp://www.pavnet.org -- information from several agencies on youth violence (programs, funding, research database, and other resources).

School Based Violence Prevention Programshttp://www.hamfish.org -- GWU Hamilton Fish Institute – information on anger management, peer mediation, and other school based intervention programs (resources: books, videos, surveys, and web links).

Pathways on Youth Violencehttp://eric-web.tc.columbia.edu/pathways/youth_violence/ -- comprehensive collection of Internet resources (agencies, research, and program overviews).

Bullying Information for Parents and Teachers -- http://www.lfcc.on.ca/bully.htm --(London Family Court) Excerpt from A School Based Anti-Violence Program

Bullying Among Ninth Graders: An Exploratory Studyhttp://www.nassp.org/news/bltn_9thbully0302.html -- research, consequences, interventions, and other resources

School Shouldn’t Hurt – RI Safe Schools Report

http://members.tripod.com/~twood/safeschools.html -- discrimination based on sexual orientation


Bullying Prevention Resources


National Bullying Awareness Campaign
http://www.nea.org/issues/safescho/bullying/ -- NEA site prevention and awareness resources

Preventing Bullying: A Manual for Schools and Communities

http://www.cde.ca.gov/spbranch/ssp/bullymanual.htm -- information and prevention strategies

Recognizing and Preventing Bullying Fact Sheet
www.safetyzone.org/publications/fact4_index.html  -- information and programs

Addressing the Problem of Juvenile Bullying Fact Sheet
http://ojjdp.ncjrs.org/pubs/fact.html#fs200127 -- publications and fact sheets providing information on bullying

Bullying: A Survival Guide

Bullying at School Information
www.scre.ac.uk/bully -- information, ideas, resources

Hate Motivated Behavior in Schools
www.alameda-coe.k12.ca.us/acoe/HATECRIMES/index.htm -- training, programs

No Bully
www.nobully.org.nz -- guidelines, resource links

http://www.safetyzone.org/home.html -- safe schools resources

Set Straight on Bullies
www.nssc1.org  -- resources, training

Stop Bullying!
www.police.govt.nz/yes/resources/violence/kia.html  -- programs for violence prevention

Take Action Against Bullying
www.bullybeware.com  -- materials, strategies, resources

Taking the Bully by the Horns
hometown.aol.com/kthynoll/bully.htm -- online course for bully prevention/intervention


Civil Rights, Tolerance, and Diversity

Civil Rights Team Projecthttp://www.state.me.us/ag/crt/crt.htm#top -- project aimed at school safety and bias motivated violence, including resource links for civil rights

Partners Against Hatewww.partnersagainsthate.org/strategies/educators/ -- information and resources aimed at helping educators develop strategies to influence juvenile attitudes regarding bias and hate (programs, training, resources)

Stop the Hate.org – www.stopthehate.org/about -- provides information and resources about the Student Civil Rights Project aimed at reducing violence.

21st Century Community Learning Centers -- http://www.ed.gov/21stcclc/state.html -- funding for the “No Child Left Behind Act”  -- opportunities for low performing schools with additional services for violence prevention, counseling, and character education that support and compliment academic programs

Southern Poverty Law Center -- http://www.splcenter.org/ -- Non-profit organization to combat hate and intolerance (classroom activities, resources, grants for educators, etc.) http://www.splcenter.org/teachingtolerance/tt-index.html

Rethinking Schools -- http://www.rethinkingschools.org/Who/Who.htm  -- Focused on problems facing urban schools (journal, publications)

Peace Resource Center -- http://www1.umn.edu/humanrts/peace/   -- documents, links, information

Green Teacher - http://www.greenteacher.com/  -- education for environmental and global problems

Teaching for Change Video Resource List -- http://www.teachingforchange.org/links.html#Videos  -- video resources for tolerance and violence prevention

Global Exchange -- http://www.globalexchange.org/  -- human rights organization

Facing History and Ourselves -- http://www.facing.org/facing/fhao2.nsf lesson plans, workshops, trainings, publications, online modules

Children’s Defense Fund -- http://www.childrensdefense.org/ information and resources for preventative investment

Educators for Social Responsibility -- http://www.esrnational.org/  -- many guides and lessons are available for inclusion, anti- bias, and conflict resolution.

National Center for Fair and Open Testing -- http://www.fairtest.org/  -- focused on elimination of bias in testing

Educational Justice -- http://www.edjustice.org/  -- non-profit, which promotes social justice issues advocating equal access to resources  -- training and support for college students working to promote social justice

CARTS –Cultural Arts Resources for Teachers and Students -- http://www.carts.org/carts_home.html  -- exploring cultures and communities -- best practices to foster awareness of cultural arts

Building Blocks for Youth -- http://www.buildingblocksforyouth.org/  -- alliance for children’s advocates – information, organizations, resources http://www.buildingblocksforyouth.org/statebystate/maine.html       

Applied Research Center -- http://www.arc.org/  -- public policy and research on issues of race and social change

ASCD Safe Schools
http://www.ascd.org/safeschools/  -- information and resources

Creating Safe Schools for Gay and Lesbian Students

Civilrights.org – A social Justice Network

GLSEN – Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network

Peace Studies at University of Maine
http://dll.umaine.edu/peace/  -- peace studies, conflict resolution, promoting tolerance and global understanding

School Shouldn’t Hurt – RI Safe Schools Report

Lessons in Tolerance http://www.ccsf.org/Resources/Tolerance/ --lessons and resources for students and teachers (language, stereotypes, violence and conflict resolution, gay and lesbian issues, racism, sexism, non-traditional families, human rights, etc.)

America Responds: Tolerance in Times of Trial http://www.pbs.org/americaresponds/tolerance.html --classroom resources

Teaching Tolerance  http://www.kn.pacbell.com/wired/fil/pages/listteachingve.html  Internet hot list of useful resources

Ten Ways to Fight Hate  http://www.splcenter.org/teachingtolerance/tt-index.html from the Southern Poverty Law Center

Educators for Social Responsibility http://www.esrnational.org   --resources for all ages on anti-bias, peacemaking, diversity, and conflict resolution (Workshops, trainings, publications)

Seeking Solutions http://www.pbs.org/seekingsolutions/ Webcast Symposium on crime prevention 

National Conference for Community and Justice http://www.nccj.org/nccj3.nsf/?Open promotes understanding and respect among all races, religions and cultures. 

Teaching Steps to Tolerance http://tst.wiesenthal.com/resources/hate.html  --bibliography, resources, kids corner

Promoting Tolerance at San Clemente High School http://www.teachtolerance.org/index.html  --lesson plans and other resources

Teaching Tolerance http://www.splcenter.org/teachingtolerance/tt-index.html Southern Poverty Law Center Site  (Workshops, trainings, publications)

A World of Difference http://www.adl.org/awod/awod_institute.html  --
Anti-Defamation League Site Programs to fight prejudice

American-Arab Anti Discrimination Committee http://www.adc.org --information and resources

Understanding Stereotypes http://school.discovery.com/lessonplans/programs/stereotypes/ --lesson plans all levels, teacher guides and tools -- students brainstorm, creating categories of people and examining stereotypes that describe them 

Responsive Classroom http://www.responsiveclassroom.org/ Northeast Foundation for Children

CASEL Site http://www.casel.org  --advancing social and emotional learning

NMHAC: National Mental Health Awareness Campaign http://www.nostigma.org/help.html -- resources to educate the public about mental health issues and eradicate the fear, shame and stigma commonly associated with mental illness

United States Immigration and Naturalization Service http://www.ins.usdoj.gov/graphics/index.htm 

National Immigration Forum www.immigrationforum.org

Immigration: Web Resources  http://www.boxbitz.net/immigration/  Links to lessons, WebQuests

National Coalition Building Institute http://www.ncbi.org   


Additional Resources

Resources for Teaching Peace and Tolerance
http://www.crcs.k12.ny.us/es/Stranger'sShoes/PTresource.htm -- anthologies of peace stories and other books and resources for teachers

Children’s Book Press www.cbookpress.org (Children’s literature, audiotapes)

Children’s Creative Response to Conflict

523 North Broadway, Box 271, Nyack, NY 10960

(914) 353-1796, (914) 358-4924 (fax), prisjudcrc@aol.com

(Workshops, trainings, publications)


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