Welcome to New England College 

 Men's Rugby Club

    NEC Rugby Club provides members  with the opportunity to participate in an exciting, fast-paced sport.  While an athletic background is an advantage, experience is not necessary. A desire to practice hard and learn the sport is the main requirement. We are always looking for new players. 

    NEC Men's  Rugby Club is a member of N.E.R.F.U. (New England Rugby Football Union) in Division III/IV. Matches are scheduled with other teams in the surrounding New England area.

    The laws of Rugby are simple. The object of the game is to carry the ball over the goal line, or kick it over the goal post more than one's opponent. The action in Rugby does not cease until a player scores, breaks a rule, or the ball goes out of bounds.

    In addition to participating in a sport that combines stamina, speed and strength, players have an opportunity to experience a camaraderie enjoyed by rugby players worldwide. Come to a practice or match to see what Rugby is all about.

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