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Ancient Civilizations

  1. Odyssey Online ( ) Explore ancient 
    Near East, Egypt, Greece, Rome. There are also resources for 19th and 20th Century Sub-Saharan Africa.
  2. Exploring Ancient World Cultures ( ) This site contains resources for the ancient cultures of: Near East, India, Egypt, China, Greece, Rome, Islam, and Europe.
  3. The Institute of Egyptian Art and Archeology ( ) Tour ancient Egyptian sites and view an exhibit of ancient Egyptian artifacts.
  4. Greek Mythology  ( ) 
  5. ThinkQuest Library of Ancient Civilizations
  6. Ancient Greece ( )
  7. Ancient Civilizations ( ) Explore ancient civilizations of the Middle East and beyond.
  8. Greek Pottery ( ) Looking at pottery helps us see what ancient Greek life was like.
  9. Art of China ( ) This site has fantastic pictures of the Great Wall, The Terra Cotta Army, The Forbidden City, etc. It also contains sound clips of music and language, recipes, and so on.
  10. Mr. Donn's Ancient History ( ) Lots of information can be found on this site.


Medieval Studies

  1. Middle Ages ( ) Explore medieval life. 
  2. Castles on the Web ( )
  3. Feudalism WebQuest ( )



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