NEC Technology Learning Packets 

 for In-service and Pre-service Teachers




NEC Technology Checklist

NETS for Teachers

Technology Action Plan

Learning Packets:

Word Processing
Creating Templates 


Creating Graphs for Classroom Use
How to Manage Grades
How to Create Charts

Creating Email Accounts

Browsers/Effective Use
Searching the Internet
Finding Safe Sites
How to Cut/Paste Info for Printing

Web Pages
Creating Electronic Portfolios
Creating Teacher Webs
Using Raw HTML






Technology is a very important part of effective teaching. As such, all pre-service and in-service teachers need to

  • become versed in how to use technology effectively,
  • be able to integrate technology into the curriculum, and
  • have their students use technology to support their acquisition of knowledge and skills related to various standards and frameworks.

The intent of the technology checklist is to help you identify the technology competencies associated with effective teaching and to monitor your acquisition of skills, knowledge, and dispositions related to the use of technology.

  Throughout your work to acquire the competencies on this checklist (ISTE standards) you should plan to reflect on your professional development and your use of instructional practices that employ technology. You will be required to continually review your work toward meeting the competencies, your instructional planning, teaching, and management. You will need to assess your level of competence when you start your work on mastering the technology competencies on this checklist. After assessing your current level of knowledge and skills you will need to develop a professional development plan detailing how you will work to develop those competencies you still need to meet. You will also be required to maintain a professional development portfolio of your work in which you will collect evidence of your acquisition of the skills, knowledge, and dispositions on this checklist.

The Technology in Education  course at NEC provides students with theory and practice in using technology in the classroom. Students will become familiar with computer software for use in the content areas. The NEC Technology Learning Packets are designed to help in the acquisition of these skills. Technology Learning Packets Main Page 



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