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Creating Class Webs
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Creating Class Webs

Web Layout and Navigation
Once you have decided the kind of class web page you want and organized your content, you are ready to decide on a layout template for your class web. FP 2000 has some ready made templates to choose from, or you may create your own. Review some layout options

A useful layout is  "One-column Body, with Contents on Left" template. The advantage to this layout is that a Table of Contents is always visible. Also,  if this template is used for each page of your web, the same Table of Contents is always visible to the viewer. This makes navigating your web easy. 

"Normal Page" is a basic blank page. It also is well suited for web layouts. Lists or Tables may be inserted on the "Normal Page" to contain the hyperlinks to the various sections of your portfolio. 

Your main or home page should contain hyperlinks to the various sections of your web. It should also introduce the viewer to your class web. Also every page in your web should have a link back to the home page (or a navigation strip/bar).

If you have taken time to explore other kinds of educational webs, you probably have an idea of the format you want.

FrontPage Tutorial
This tutorial describes how to create web pages using FrontPage 2000. FP2000 is a WYSIWYG HTML editor and is set up in a similar way to MS Word and other word processors. It  also is available on campus computers. This tutorial assumes that you are familiar with word processing and how to use the Internet and hyperlinks.

Click FP 2000 Tutorial to get started.

How to Create a New FrontPage Web
How to Open a FrontPage Web
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How to Create a Hyperlink
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How to View Pages
How to Change Views in FrontPage
How to Add Tables
How to Change the Table Properties
How to Insert an Image
How to Edit Images Using the Image Toolbar
How to Add a Sound or Multimedia File

HTML Tutorial
If you want to try your hand at creating the HTML with out an editor, all you need is Word Pad.  Click this HTML tutorial to get started.

Graphics Resources

Java Script and Other Resources


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